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Ideation, Gameplay and Scripting

The Creativity Gameplay Department offers a full range of services for product development.  We support projects in the earliest stages of development all the way through final production.  We pride ourselves on consistently developing compelling interactive design and documenting it in a clear, bullet-proof way.

We have extensive experience creating gameplay documentation (Design Docs, Flowcharts, Data Tables, Level Charts, AI design/tables, Asset Lists, Scripts, Memory Calculators and more).  During development, our documents assist with unifying the design and engineering teams on a commonly understood direction for the product.  Our documentation is developed to be detailed enough for engineers to program from, yet clear enough for the entire team to read and understand.  These documents can also be used in play testing as the functionality guide for testers.

We have extensive experience writing scripts, lyrics, poems and stories for both licensed and original characters (including Elmo and Dora the Explorer).  We also have vast experience developing educational curriculum.

Our Gameplay Department is comprised of people with a wide array of backgrounds, including sound, film, media and education, allowing us to create a support team that’s just right for your product.

Let our experience go to work for you!