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Project Management

Creativity will fully support and manage projects at the scale required by the current and future demands of the children’s entertainment and learning industry. In addition to end to end management of content and software development, we have also developed and managed complete large scale projects including direction, documentation and support for Far East programming and manufacturing.

We have developed a complete QC and test program for projects that include titles launched in multiple languages. We can develop, manage and provide teams for larger scale animation development, art development, and hardware and software development using both local and offshore resources and manage to defined goals, budget and deadlines.

In addition, we have developed thorough and redundant documentation procedures to support documentation and production with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Our project managers are expert at working with our clients and our engineering teams to develop the fastest, most cost effective means of collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing; and to maximize innovation, creativity, and speed to market for our clients.

Flowcharts, design documents, scripts, phrase lists, word lists, change forms, version history, and complete tracking system with full automated redundant backup systems ensure reliability, increase efficiency, and lower costs for the entire content and software production process.

Creativity, Inc. project management services include:

  • Documentation generation, support and management
  • Quality review, full software test capability
  • Turnkey solutions - from concept to production
  • Rapid scaling of project team to meet targets - in-house, partnered and offshore resources
  • Integrated content, software and hardware design and development
  • Asset and document management, client review processes and rapid turnaround
  • Usability research, testing and quality assurance
  • Defined goals, budgets, and timelines; accurate reporting and accountability
  • Turnkey solutions - from concept to production
  • Usability research, testing, and quality assurance
  • Scheduling, contracting, payroll and project management